D.HYGEN FW 2021-22 Presents “PULSATION”

D.HYGEN FW 2021-22 Presents “PULSATION”

Lastly is proud to present D.HYGEN FW 2021-22 Season Concept “PULSATION”.

The collection was named “PULSATION”, inspired by the tension of the signs of life. Various “signs of animal life”, including human being of elements such as blood flowing through blood vessels, skin tissue, hair are expressed in details, materials, colours, and patterns.

It will be an organic collection as a metaphor that expresses the regeneration of “death” to “life” that makes you feel the breath of animals. Features from the collection include the use of a mixture of organic materials such as cashmere, wool, leather, mouton and...



Avant-Garde Fashion can be interpreted in many different ways, this editorial is one such interpretation. From the world of music, fine arts and film, there is a movement within each which is noticeably on the outside of typical trends. Fashion is no different.

Avant-Garde is described as new and experimental ideas and methods. This can also be used as a way to describe ones self, a mindset. An individual who doesn't see or notice trends, someone who is on their own path. This way of thinking and existing is seen in some of the worlds most influential designers - Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens,...


Earlier this year, amongst lockdowns and border closures, somehow LASTLY had a pop up in Darling Square, Haymarket Syd. NSW.  Thanks to Dan Jackson and the crew at Edition Roasters we had an incredible space to showcase our wares. 

Scandinavia and Japan are half a world apart, but Edition Roasters combines the two cultures seamlessly.  This organic all black fit-out is moody sophistication at its best. Designed by Amber Road, its reflective polished render deviates from inky indigoes to warmer brown hues depending on light filtration through the ethereal charcoal cotton drops. A...


Back before I started LASTLY, my life was that of a standard day to day corporate.  My background is actually Interior Design, specializing in commercial furniture.  As a creative I really struggled with the "Corporate Culture", and especially what was deemed acceptable in terms of attire.  Why can't I dress for work the way I do in my own time? 

LASTLY has a strong Japanese Streetwear aesthetic, but there is also a place within the ranges...




Yoshiki Takatsuka graduated from Osaka Culture and Clothing University and worked as a designer, sewer and pattern worker for a local clothes maker. In 2009 he created the men's brand A.F HOMME. In 2016 this evolved into the unisex line we know as A.F ARTEFACT. The brand made a new start with the collection launched in Paris.



"Real clothes made with design and subjective reality", is the base concept of this brand using relaxed and comfortable materials, and make creations that have a...