You know what its like, you ask someone "hey, cool (insert cool AF item here) where'd you get it?", and the response? Usually goes like this, "I got it in Japan", OR "I got it in Europe". 

LASTLY was born after a regular old trip to Japan.  I discovered some incredibly talented designers on that trip, and decided F#*k this, Australia needs to see more than the typical BS "fashion" you see everywhere. Since 2018 I have spent my time supporting underground designers, importing limited runs of their truly unique collections each season, and visiting them every chance I get!


Karli Hancock, LASTLY Creative DirectorKarli Hancock, LASTLY Creative Director


"Style should be as unique as it's wearer, an extension of ones self, mind & body" - Karli Hancock


Through LASTLY, I will be presenting you with Bold Sculpted pieces featuring Artisan Craftsmanship & Darkstyle from Japan and Europe. I absolutely do NOT adhere or believe in the seasonal constraints of "Fast Fashion". Instead I offer you Gender-Neutral clothing carefully selected with longevity in mind.  All items aspire to a Dark Avant-Garde Aesthetic, with a strong focus on Unique Texture, Details and Layering abilities. 

Image from our 2020 Season Showcase at BSIDE Gallery


Come visit me at the new LASTLY Atelier to experience these pieces for yourself.


53 Langridge Street, Collingwood


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"Lastly is an incredibly well curated collection of brands and pieces.  I love every brand stocked by Lastly, the cohesive curation of the brands and pieces within the brands speaks to the talent and passion of the store. The brands they stock are of the highest quality - much like you can expect from Rick Owens or Yohji Yamamoto. Shopping at lastly feels a little like keeping an exciting secret - like you're peaking behind some kind door into a new more exclusive part of fashion. I love supporting smaller brands - especially creative and bold brands within my aesthetic - and I’m so glad lastly has done the hard work in finding some of the best. The lastly team couldn’t be nicer, when you shop with Lastly you join a like minded family. They are excited to see you join their corner of the fashion world and they’ll make you feel at home. "

 - ASH DORMAN, Melbourne Based TV Producer


"I don’t know how you find such perfect pieces! They are so beautifully made and fit like they were cut for me. I love everything I have from you. Looking forward to spending another winter living in my Wizzard sweater.