LASTLY was born after yet another trip to Japan.  I discovered some incredibly talented underground designers who I had never heard of previously.  Australia is so far away from the rest of the world, so it feels at times like we have to wait until we venture overseas to find decent clothing and accessories. 

People would often ask me, "hey, cool (top, bag, bracelet, etc.) where'd you get it?". My response... "I got it in Japan", OR "I got it in Europe". This was often received with a gentle roll of the eyes, and rightly so.  Australia needs to see more than the typical, run of the mill "fashion" you see everywhere!

So that's why LASTLY exists, to bridge the gap. I now spend my time supporting underground Japanese streetwear and Avant Garde designers, importing limited runs of their collections each season into Melbourne, and visiting them every chance I get!


Karli Hancock, LASTLY Creative DirectorKarli Hancock, LASTLY Creative Director


"Style should be as unique as it's wearer, an extension of ones self, mind & body" - Karli Hancock


Through LASTLY, I will be presenting you with Bold Sculpted pieces featuring Artisan Craftsmanship & Darkstyle from Japan and Europe. I absolutely do NOT adhere or believe in the seasonal constraints of "Fast Fashion". Instead I offer you Gender-Neutral clothing carefully selected with longevity in mind.  All items aspire to a Dark Avant-Garde / Streetwear Aesthetic, with a strong focus on Unique Texture, Details and Layering abilities. 

Image from our 2020 Season Showcase at BSIDE Gallery


Come visit me at the new LASTLY Atelier to experience these pieces for yourself.


53 Langridge Street, Collingwood

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